Book I



The Wasteland consists of just a smattering of villages. To the west is the Wandering Sea; a couple of cities were built near the coast, for fishing, but the only one remaining is Adreselta. To the north, east, and south stretches an unbearable, unforgiving desert; none have come from beyond, and none to venture out there have returned.


The social structure of the Wasteland is heavily tilted in favor of a few aristocratic families. Some cities they rule with an iron fist; in others the residents have been outright enslaved. Only a few of the smaller cities scrape by unnoticed.


There is no concept of organized religion; people simply accept the existence of different magics and gods. Anyone may have their own manner of devotion to some preferred god, some people may proclaim a teaching or moral code on behalf of a certain god, but there is no such thing as proselytizing. Gods may be perceived as immensely powerful, but no one conceives them as omnipotent, omniscient, or even omnibenevolent. Few, if any gods, are perceived to be malicious, though.



A vast sea to the west of the Wasteland. Small fishing boats are a common sight near the shore, but beyond that the seas become far too turbulent to navigate.


Large trading hub near the middle of the northern Wasteland. South side has a city square and bazaar. North side has a station of scholars.


A small village. Only good for supplying water and food.


Home of the only remaining academy in the Wasteland. The scholars in ASHCELON were trained here.


Large trading hub near the middle of the southern Wasteland. Poverty is at its worst in this city. The Dagrin family set up a rare relief center.


A small village. A blacksmith resides here.


A small, unremarkable village.


Medium village east of ASHCELON. A second station of scholars resides here. The lord of the town lives in a massive palace.


On the far northwest side of the Wasteland. Brings in massive amounts of fish, which goes a long way to feeding the Wasteland. There is an old, abandoned temple dedicated to a water deity on the higher end of the city, near a large cliff that hangs over the water below.


A labyrinth of canyons, said to have formed by the earth cracking open due to the intense heat. The walls rise up sixty feet high, or even further.

Book I

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