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That great burning disc in the sky bears down upon the cloudless desert. Distant cities shimmer in the dust, but apart from the occasional wild beast, there is little life in the wastes. Not counting the bandits who lurk in the wilderness, preying on the weak. You best keep to the cities, where the rich control the merchants who sell the food and water needed to survive. But keep your ears sharp; unrest is growing in the Wasteland.

To begin exploring, check out:

  • Campaign Wiki – Information on quests, locations, events, and other assorted lore.
  • Characters – Meet the cast of characters that the party has encountered
  • Adventure Log – Tells the tale of the characters’ exploits

The Wasteland is a low-fantasy role playing campaign created by Mark Edward. Mark ran the first adventure (i.e. Book I) in D&D 4th edition, with character restrictions to fit the homebrew setting. The campaign is now being developed for the Fate Core roleplaying game by Mark Edward and one of the original Book I players, Mark Blaede. Their goal is to co-GM the game online through Roll20, record the sessions, and publish as an audio podcast (and YouTube playlist?).

Creator & Storyteller: Mark Edward
Developer & Fate GM: Mark Blaede
Players’ Umber Hulk Gaming Group

Home Page

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